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There are numerous ways that you can give to the Ocala Royal Dames for Cancer Research. Whether you want to make a one-time donation or establish a bequest, virtually any asset can be used to make an impact.

  • Cash
  • Real Estate
  • Securities
  • Personal Property
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement Plan Assets

To make a donation just “Donate Now” or to consider other options place reach out of us at “Contact Us”.

Sponsorships Available

 The Ocala Royal Dames for Cancer Research, Inc. (ORD) began its fight against cancer over 30 years ago and, in that 30 years, has donated over $4,000,000.00 to cancer research. We provide at least $100,000 in grants per year, awarded to Cancer Researchers at the University of Florida Cancer Center and Moffit Cancer Center who have been screened by their respective institutions, our Medical Advisory Committee and the ORD Allocations Committee studies. In addition, we sponsor several cancer awareness seminars each year.
We are reaching out to business and community leaders to raise awareness about our organization and our cause. We HAVE made a difference The ORD provided initial funding for:

  • Keytruda, the first line treatment for advanced Melanoma, as well as the treatment of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, classical Hodgkin Lymphoma and a type of Bladder and Urinary Tract Cancer. Seed money provided to Dr. Shari Pilon-Thomas contributed to the development of Keytruda. The drug is not chemotherapy or radiation therapy—it is an immunotherapy that works with the immune system to help fight cancer.
  • Proton Therapy, an effective alternative to traditional radiation that targets tumors and cancer cells more precisely than conventional radiation. Proton radiation reaches only the areas of the body that are affected by cancer. This leads to less risk that healthy tissue will be exposed to radiation – and reduces the risk of complications and side effects. Fewer treatment complications mean that physicians can deliver higher doses of proton radiation to cancer sites, thereby improving the chances for a successful outcome. Proton Therapy is now used to treat breast, lung, testicular, prostate, brain and many other cancers.

Researchers, who received initial funding from the Ocala Royal Dames for Cancer Research. Inc. have received numerous grants from organizations such as the National Institute of Health to continue their work the largest single grant was $12,000,000 to further research we initially funded.

Please look carefully at the following sponsorships here. With YOUR help we can make an even bigger difference. Thank you for your consideration.

Cancer is not going to take a break because of COVID-19, and neither can we. Please join with The Ocala Royal Dames for Cancer Research, Inc.…a self-sustaining local organization which has had a national and global impact.

Sponsorships Available

Ocala Royal Dames is an all-volunteer 501 (c) 3 not -for -profit organization formed in 1987 to provide funding for cancer research. With the help of the community we have raised over $4,000,000. Gifts are 100% tax deductible if no benefits with monetary value are given in exchange for the gift. If there is a gift given that has a monetary value tied to it, the gift will be tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
Your generosity can be expressed in many difference ways.

Mail your gift to:
Ocala Royal Dames for Cancer Research, Inc
P.O. Box 6163
Ocala, FL 34478

If you wish to make a secure gift to Ocala Royal Dames for Cancer Research, Inc via credit card, you can do so online by visiting our “Donate Now” link.

You can also make your credit card gifts by reaching out to our treasurer through our “Contact Us” link. We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.