“Regency Enchantment: A Debutante Ball of Elegance,
Grace and a Noble Cause”

Join the Debutante Ball in the Fight Against Cancer

The Debutante Ball is a cherished tradition that has graced the hearts of societies around the world for centuries and here in Marion County for the last 33 years. It has symbolized the passage of young women into adulthood, celebrating their refinement,
poise, and integrity. However, in today’s ever-changing world, it’s not just about dancing and dazzling gowns; it’s also about making a difference.

We are thrilled to introduce the Ocala Royal Dames for Cancer Research – 2024 Debutante Ball. This Ball has a profound purpose – to raise dollars for cancer research. The event will bring together young women who are not only eager to embrace the grace and splendor of a bygone era but also passionate about driving change in the fight against cancer. We believe that every young lady who is a senior in high school, should consider participating in this remarkable event, and here’s why.

Why Participate?

  1. A Noble Cause: At the heart of our Debutante Ball is the commitment to fund cancer research. Cancer touches countless lives, and together, we can make a substantial impact on the ongoing battle against this relentless disease. By joining our event, you become part of a generation that is determined to make a difference.
  2. Empowerment: Participation in the Debutante Ball is a symbol of empowerment. It represents the strength, independence, and resilience of young women as they embark on a journey into adulthood. It’s a chance to stand tall and be part of something greater than oneself.
  3. Skill Development: The Debutante Ball offers an array of experiences that can enhance your personal growth. From refining your etiquette and communication skills to gaining a deeper appreciation for tradition and history, this event will broaden your horizons.
  4. Community Engagement: Being a debutante is more than just a title; it’s an opportunity to engage with your community. Through working with the ladies of the Ocala Royal Dames for Cancer Research as a “Lady Dame” you will connect with others who share your values and dedication to making a positive impact.
  5. Lifelong Memories: Participating in the Debutante Ball will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime. The friendships forged, the lessons learned, and the joy experienced during this time are invaluable.
  6. Personal Growth: The journey to becoming a debutante will push you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to grow personally. You’ll develop resilience, confidence, and a sense of purpose that will serve you well in the years to come. In conclusion, the Regency Enchantment Debutante Ball is more than just a glamorous event; it’s an opportunity for young women to shine bright while contributing to a noble cause. By becoming a debutante, you’ll join a tradition that has evolved to empower and uplift, while also making a real impact on the fight against cancer. We invite you to embrace elegance, grace, and the chance to be a part of something greater than yourself. Together, we can dance towards a world free from the shadows of cancer.

Yes, I am interested in becoming one of the ten 2024 Ocala Royal Dames for Cancer Research Debutantes. What do I do next and what does it entail?

Expectations for Prospective Debutantes:

  1. Complete the application by the deadline
  2. Attend the Prospective Debutante Meeting on

Expectations for Debutantes:

  1. Debutante Attire:
    • Presentation gown should be purchased as soon as possible.
    • Floor-length all white gowns with a full skirt to allow for the deep bowing. (beading and sequins are acceptable if white; no trains)
    • White Gloves – Long length if the gown has short sleeves or wrist length if the gown has long sleeves.
    • Shoes – plain, white (we advise a low heel, and breaking in your shoes in advance.
    • Hair, jewelry and accessories should be simple and elegant.
    • Make-up should be very natural.
  2. Complete the biographical sketch, which includes educational background, scholastic honors and awards, organization memberships, school activities, travels, favorite sports, special talents and hobbies.
  3. Submit a photo for the program book and publicity purposes.
  4. Select an Escort.
  5. Philanthropic Engagement: As part of the Debutante’s contribution to charity, she is asked to obtain as many listings (ad contracts) as possible for the Program Book.
  6. Event Participation: Debutantes are expected to actively engage in all aspects of the ball, including the formal dances, socializing with guests, and being part of the overall ambiance.

At the Ball and after the Presentation Ceremony, each debutante will be given a basket of roses to be offered to Ball guests for donations, which the Ocala Royal Dames for Cancer Research will use for funding Cancer Research. Roses will be red and white. Red for the hope to find a cure and white for the memory of someone special who lost their battle against cancer.

The combined proceeds from this Memory and Hope Rose Appeal, the Program Book Listings and the tickets purchased/attributed to the Debutante by family and friends will be included in the Queen and Runners-up for the court.

Expectations for Parents/Guardians of a selected Debutante:

  1. A Debutante Registration Fee of $400
  2. Parents are encouraged to have at least 10 guests at the debutante’s table, including the debutante, her parent(s)/guardians, and her escort. It is tradition for the debutante’s parents/guardians to pay for the escort’s ticket. The parents may also reserve as many additional tables as they wish for their relatives and friends. Tickets per guest are $100.

Expectations for Escorts of a selected Debutante:

  1. Escorts are required to attend the rehearsal session.
  2. He is to escort his debutante the entire evening of the Ball.
  3. During the Memory and Hope Rose Appeal, the escort will accompany his debutante among the Ball guests and will be responsible for the money pouch into which all donations are to be directly deposited by the donor.
  4. Escort is required to wear black tie.

“Regency Enchantment: A Debutante Ball of Elegance,
Grace and a Noble Cause”
Date: Saturday, February 3, 2024
Venue: The Crystal Ballroom
25 E Silver Springs Blvd
Ocala, FL 34470
Tickets: $100 per person