Our Research Partners

The Ocala Royal Dames partners with doctors at the Moffit Cancer Center in Tampa, FL and The University of Florida in Gainesville to fund ground breaking research in the quest for a cure. To learn details about the specific research projects, click here. 

Dr. Alexandra Martin

Dr. Martin is a Cancer Researcher in the Clinical Science Department at Moffitt Cancer Center. She is investigating an innovative way of dosing PARP inhibitors, a common therapy for ovarian cancer in both treatment and maintenance settings.

Dr. John Mullinax

Dr. Mullinax is a surgical oncologist in the Sarcoma Department at Moffitt Cancer Center. His clinical practice focuses on caring for patients with soft tissue sarcoma located throughout the body, with a specific focus on retroperitoneal sarcoma, gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST), and adrenal neoplasms. A native Floridian, Dr. Mullinax completed his general surgery training at the University of South Florida. He is currently an Active Member in the Association for Academic Surgery and Society of Surgical Oncology. He is on the Executive Board and serves on the Commission on Cancer committee for the Florida Chapter of the American College of Surgeons.

Dr. Heiko Enderling

 Dr. Enderling is an Associate Member in the Integrated Mathematical Oncology Department at Moffitt Cancer Center. His research integrates mathematical, biological, and clinical sciences to model, simulate, and predict treatment response for individual patients. Dr. Heiko Enderling was recently named Fellow and elected President-elect of the Society for Mathematical Biology.