How are the funds of the Royal Dames allocated?

The funds the Royal Dames earn go to cancer research and education in our north-central Florida area. Research is priority, and we fund cutting-edge studies at UF Cancer Center and at Moffitt Cancer Centers. We ask each of these outstanding academic institutions for research proposals, which are then reviewed by expert physicians, who look for scientific content, do-ability and adherence to our requirements. These physicians give us their recommendations. Once chosen, each research project’s director provides the Royal Dames with regular budget and progress reports. 

2016-2018 Ocala Royal Dames awards to the recipients for research & education projects was a total amount of $2,582,179.00 allocated.

Royal Dames Research Funding & Allocations

University of Florida

At the University of Florida we have the Ocala Royal Dames Endowment for Cancer Research & Education and the Jean Nelson- Ocala Royal Dames Pediatric Cancer Fund.

At Moffitt Cancer Center we have the Howard Edward Curtis/Ocala Royal Dames for Cancer Research Fund to further thoracic oncology research.


On the local level, we have projects at Central Florida Community College (scholarships, library resources, and breast and prostate education outreach).

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